SonarTel brings back “Low Low Days" promotion (very low calls to all destinations)

Katy, Texas. February 25, 2016 – SonarTel, a leading provider of prepaid long-distance call services, today reintroduced one of its most successful campaigns, "SonarTel low low days", a promotion that offers SonarTel customers very low rates to one or more destinations on a selected day.

Starting on Saturday February 27, 2016, SonarTel “low low days” will be back. A promotion that offers SonarTel customers very low rates to one or more destinations. The “low low days” campaign which was highly successful, was originally launched in June 2008. It was made up of promotions such as midnight madness, happy hour free calling, and bonus voucher codes.

“We have recently gone through a whole revamp on the provision of our calling service”, said Mr Sonaari Jack (cofounder and CEO of Sonar Tel). “A new mobile friendly website was launched in January this year, a calling app was introduced in April 2015, and more importantly, recent upgrades on our systems has improved the voice quality of calls made. All this, whilst still maintaining very low call rates to all our destinations”.

“By bringing back low low days, we hope to start rewarding our current customers for staying with us during the revamp, as well as introduce our service to new customers. Over the next few days, customers will start to benefit by been able to make calls at mind blowing rates”


How will this promotion work?

  1. At least 24 hours before the promotion, customers will be informed via email, SMS, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+).
  2. On the day of the promotion, simply dial the low low day destination and start saving
  3. The promotions will be for current and new customers (the more the merrier). You will have the opportunity to invite your friends to participate. Remember, you get a bonus (currently $10) for each friend you invite.

Why SonarTel

Cheap Call Rates ...[Edit]

We will always be low cost. Note that SonarTel can be used from any country in the world. The country call rates remain the same. ...[Edit]

Straight Forward Pricing ...[Edit]

You get 100% of the minutes you pay for. Plus, your credit will never expire. ...[Edit]

High Quality Calls ...[Edit]

HD quality sound which means your international calls are crystal clear. In other words, you get the best quality calls at great low rates. ...[Edit]

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