SonarTel Mobile Apps

Mobile App Features ...[Edit]

  • Voice Quality: Enjoy crystal clear international calls. No dropped calls.
  • Flexibility: Make calls to anyone, anywhere
  • Low Cost: Great rates to any country from any phone
  • Easy to use: One touch dialing. No need for PINs
  • No funny business: No connection fees, no hidden fees, and no ads in the app.
  • Download the app now and sign up (iPhone - Android). It's free to sign up, easy to use, and simple to manage. Remember, your first call is on us. Totally FREE

How to use the Mobile App ...[Edit]

  • Once installed, launch the app and login with your phone number
  • Within the app, call directly from your contact list, or use the Dial Pad
  • When using the Dial Pad , enter the country code + area code + phone number
  • Remember, your first call is on us. Totally FREE. Try our service today ...

Why SonarTel

Cheap Call Rates ...[Edit]

We will always be low cost. Note that SonarTel can be used from any country in the world. The country call rates remain the same. ...[Edit]

Straight Forward Pricing ...[Edit]

You get 100% of the minutes you pay for. Plus, your credit will never expire. ...[Edit]

High Quality Calls ...[Edit]

HD quality sound which means your international calls are crystal clear. In other words, you get the best quality calls at great low rates. ...[Edit]

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